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This website is a  personal blog that is run by Dr. Jeremy Barnett, a critical care physician with many years of experience under his belt. You will be able to find tons of information and advice on this site about medical education and any up and coming trends as well as a full bio for Dr. Barnett.

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This website was created by Dr. Jeremy Barnett to provide further information about medical education, one of Dr. Barnett’s passions. Jeremy works as a critical care physician, and as such he knows how important it is to continue your medical education as a practicing physician. This blog will be sure to contain something new for you to learn, no matter how many years of experience and training you may have. Just visit our Blog Page for more informational articles or hit the About tab to read bio information and a history on Dr. Barnett.

Dr. Jeremy Barnett

dr jeremy barnett

Medical Doctor Based in New York

After completing his medical degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Dr. Jeremy Barnett then went on to do his residencies at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center and at the University of Medicine and Dentistry University Hospital. As a critical care physician, Dr. Barnett is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


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No matter if you are simply curious or a longstanding medical professional, you will definitely be able to find a valuable resource within our blog which holds tips, trends, and up to date information about medical education. Further, you will be able to read advice that comes directly from Dr. Jeremy Barnett’s years of experience as a critical care physician. To learn more about Dr. Barnett, just head over to the About Page for his full bio.

Increase Your Knowledge About Critical Care Medicine

Medical education is any type of training related to the practice of medicine. It consists of both the education and licensure to receive a medical degree as well as the additional training and upkeep afterwards. As a physician, it is critical to continue your medical education and stay up to date in the new discoveries and trends. Dr. Barnett’s many years of training helped him to become a physician that is able to provide the best quality of care to his patients.

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Medical Education

The New Medical Education Paradigm

Introduction Medical education is changing. What we know about how to educate doctors and other health professionals has changed dramatically over the past few decades,

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If you have the desire to network or to learn more about medical education, you can connect with Dr. Jeremy Barnett by clicking on the Contact tab and using the form located there. Dr. Barnett is always available to discuss new discoveries and opportunities, and he will surely get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to follow Jeremy on his social media or to check out the Blog for articles about medical education.


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